During MilSim games we have been tasked with missions such as track and find a enemy scout- or weapons team, scout crossroads or find and follow a target. Thanks to our backpacks we always carry food, water, tools and clothes with us so we never need to cancel a task. Should nightfall come we carry strong flashlighs, bedrolls and nightvision goggles to continue the "hunt".

Demanding tasks, demanding gear - different from regular USAF, a personal radio along with headset is a requirement to be part of TFS. We still don't demand certain weapon types, but your airsoft gun needs to be high-performing. Decent range and accuracy is a must due to our playstyle, and it's rare that guns under $300 perform well enough. We also require you to carry a backup gun, such as a pistol in case your main gun malfunction. Other expensive gear that are good to have but is not officially required are binoculars, cameras, strong flashlights and nightvision goggles.

Realism even when its not "needed" - as mentioned before, we like to roleplay when we play airsoft. Even if a airsoft machinegunner *can* run around with a boxmag of 2400 BBs, we have the gunner running with the gun, and a close fire support teammate who runs with a ammobox filled with preloaded ~100 BB magazines. This teammate is also a loader and feeds the magazines to the gunner while refilling empty ones. This is the playstyle we like.