Playstyle - All members of USAF are roleplayers or LARP'ers in one way or the other. We focus mainly on MilSim games and enjoy going into character while we attend them. While we do attend "run & gun" games as well, our elite group
Task Force Spartan
use those as "Live Fire Exercises" - or LFE for short - where we practice the skills we learned during our team exercises; testing them against other players so that we can perform better during the next MilSim game.

Realism - We aim to work as a proper military unit consisting of 4 groups: 2 assault teams, 1 sniper team and 1 Command unit. The Command unit is the link to joint operations with other teams and units while keeping track of our own and directing the resources where they are needed. Communication is key and every team member have a radio of at least 5W output power. Mission planning is important and we plan our tasks ahead, avoiding rush desicions. We exercise good radio communications, movement, target identification, strike when we find a good opportunity or necessity and put good effort into observation and stealth rather than shoot on sight. We also like to go "in character" and play a role in our games.

Combat Recon Unit - Due to our training and favoured playstyle, we join airsoft games as a NATO Combat Recon Unit, tasked with gathering information, tracking targets, reconnaissance, saboutage and ambush. If tasked with guarding a very important asset, unless we can move it with us (mobility is everything) we defend it 'til the last BB and then hunker down with plastic knives, staying in contact with HQ as long as possible to provide them with intelligence and direct support for our cause. We always carry a good deal of food, water, ammunition and other supplies so that we never are in need of a stable base to operate from.



"Always be serious." - This is a little meme in our team. We are a laid back bunch of people who like to crack jokes about everything, but when the time has come for action we all snap into our dedicated roles, and when the tension is over we snap back to joking around or just "bullshitting" as the character we are currently playing as.

"Every teammember is a link in the chain." - is one of our mottos. Each person has its own tasks to carry out in the field and know how and when to perform them. It's second to our main motto:
Stå fast - Stand fast - Don't break the line unless under controlled retreat.
Slå hårt - Strike hard - Wait and strike in the most vulnerable moment.
Skjut ned - Shoot down - Calculated precice shots, sercure the target.

Our equipment is Digital Woodland (MARPAT) camouflage uniform with olive drab / ranger green details and vests / rigs. We mainly go with the M4/M15/M16 weapon system but we have no official demand on weapons, different from uniform. Every team member also need to have a radio of at least 5W output. However since radios are rather expensive, we do not demand that from start. You also need a knife, a flashlight, a watch, a compass, a pen, a notebook and maps over the AO.

Always on the go - During MilSim games, each member carry a backpack with 24 hours worth of food, water, clothes, tools, extra batteries, ammunition and other personal gear as well as a bedroll. This enables us to always be on the move and never in need of a steady defended base, which suits our Recon playstyle very well.